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We connect you with reliable host using a powerful CDN to cover our consumers lag free experience

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Bringing you the best IPTV services is our motto of business. A group of highly skilled perfectionists who work behind the amazing iptv service and loves to upgrade the user experience everyday. We are linked with top manufacturers from the world to bring you streaming devices and the service.

Now you can enjoy and finally get relief from paying high and unreasonable bills.

about unicorn inc

What do we mean by Digital Media Marketing and Streaming Media Solution?

Digital Media Marketing : We help your streaming media business to grow exponentially by our marketing solutions from experts.

Streaming Media Solution: Your one stop for News, Sports, Entertainment, Movies & TV Shows. Unicorn Inc.

Unicorn Streams

Bringing Entertainment to you

Enjoy contents from US, UK, CA, South America, Caribbean, Latino, French, African, Arabic, Greek, Portuguese, Indian, Filipino. All this live.


No more cable bills

Exclusive Shows

Pay less get more

Play on any Device

Any Device Anywhere (mostly android)


At Unicorn Inc. we do not host, provide, archive, store, distribute or stream media of any kind. WE do not own, manage, control, run, maintain or have any access to any servers or entities involved in indexing/telecasting any media, and we do not stream any live IP channels.

All channels are third party links. We have no association with any IP channels, or any other products. Any and all TV channels and video content are being provided with no liability from us, regarding copyrights.

Our services link you with a large collection of online channels, provided by various server owners online. As per our knowledge, all channels provided abide with all relevant copyright laws. Copyright issues must be taken up directly with these server owners. Unicorn Inc. takes no liability to what is aired on the servers, and we have no control over the servers, streams, or channels.

We do not own, advertise, distribute or provide any channels on our website. Server owners have the right to add and remove any channels that they want.